King 225: Mobile Unit with Twin Font & Transformer

3,037.50 (ex. VAT 23% to be added at checkout)

The perfect unit for outlets with restricted space.

Capacity for 4 X 20lt slim kegs OR 1 X 30lt keg OR 1 X 50lt keg

Complete with Chrome Twin Font, Transformer & Castors/Wheels


Product name: KING 225

 Capacity: 4 x 20lt slim kegs OR 1 x 30lt keg OR 1 x 50lt keg

Supplied with 

  • Twin Font & Pods (Chrome finish)
  • Transformer
  • 4 x Castors/Wheels fitted


  • Cooling Power = 353W
  • Keg cooling range 2°C – 10°C
  • Aluminium Dry Block In-line cooling  with 2 X beer coils
  • R290 Refrigerant
  • Weight (without font) = 75kgs

External Dimensions: W: 650mm x D:680mm x H:996mm*

 *Height with wheels fitted = 1083mm

Depth with door opened = 125 cm

Internal Dimensions: W: 53 x D:55 x H:76 cm

Please Note:

(1) Taps and Tapping Heads are not included. These can be ordered separately.

(2) Gas Regulator (PRV) is not included. This can be ordered separately.