Base-Flow is leading the way in bottom fill dispensing technology

Base filling dispensing systems have grown in popularity and are used at large events and venues, such as sporting stadiums, musical festivals as well as private functions. They are a hugely efficient method of dispensing keg or tank fed drinks, taking 50% less in serving time and reducing waste.

The technology behind the Base-Flow Systems is at the forefront of advancement with fixed bar and mobile units. Designed and engineered by a team that has amassed decades of experience in the brewing and dispensing industry.

See Base-Flow in action

The system can dispense a variety of products, including beers, stouts, lagers and ciders. Not forgetting your favourite cocktail.


Saves time and cost

  • The unit is calibrated by volume & time
  • Allows operator to set a pre-set cup size to any cup variation
  • Perfect serve each operation
  • Systems can be 2 to 6 valves
  • Front or back bar placement
  • 6 to 8 seconds per pint
  • 100% focus on product and theatre
  • Cuts waste and increases volume sales
  • Instant keg change over, with no draw off cutting waste
  • System can be mobile kart mounted or fixed on to a bar top