The Base-Flow bottom fill system

Base-Flow can greatly improve the way keg or tank fed drinks are served at large venues and events.

Our product has been designed and engineered by a team that has amassed decades of experience in the brewing and dispensing industry. Base-Flow is a unique system which can provide an impressive return on investment…

  • Increase volume sales by up to 35%
  • Average keg yield up to 98% against a standard system
  • Reduce number of staff servers required
  • Eliminate waste, no spills, no server error
  • Dispense all keg products
  • Keg change over is instant using empty keg detectors

Creating flexibility and profitability for any keg or tank products, such as beer, cider, stout, lager and craft ales. We are also working on production of cocktail based products as part of a partnership brand development.

Stay in touch with Base-Flow, dispensing technology that never stands still.

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