The impact of one use plastic cups are major environmental concern, The Reusable Cup Company supply reusable cups as a solution to the growing issue.

We are all aware of the ongoing impact of plastic on the environment. One use cups are a major problem as it’s a simple item that causes so much damage if it isn’t managed properly.

The cost to business is growing, in terms of both carbon footprint and the basic cost of clearing up and packing ready for collection.

Why re-using cups is better than recycling

While disposable one use cups are easy and convenient they are adding to the concerns that plastic is not being effectively recycled or managed. The majority going into landfill or worse ending up in the world’s oceans and food chain.

Recent surveys carried out at several events show that there is a positive response from the public for managing reusable cups in a sustainable way.

Find out more about reusable cups

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Reusable Cup ordering options

  • Purchasing Cups outright. Simply order the cups required and you manage the use and cleaning. Send us your art work and we can personalise your cups.

  • Rental cup option. Order your rental cups, standard from the Reusable Cup Company and we will deliver the cups boxed in secure tote boxes. Use the cups and return for us to collect.

  • Half and Half. Order your cups for your events. If you own a fixed number of cups for example, you can hire additional cups if you feel you need more for a larger event.

We use the best of British manufacturing, working with one of the finest CE certificated cup producers. to make our cup with its 'in mould label' to give a photo quality image.