Full cup wash and management service

With our full cup wash and management service, we can support your event. We deliver your clean cups then collect them dirty, wash & return to the venue or back into stock. Taking the hassle out of cleaning – making your operation much more efficient.

We can offer the following...

  • We will arrange the collection of your dirty, used cups from your venue
  • We will count and check the condition of the cup pre-wash and after wash
  • We provide a quality check and bacterial test during the wash process
  • We will pack your cups after all checks and return to your venue or hold in stock until your next event
  • Full reporting on cleanliness and numbers of cups collected and washed will be provided on each collection and return

Leading recycling processes


Efficient use of water

Reusable cup wash facilities

State of the art washer, full heat recovery, water filtration system to reduce waste.


Our washing and drying plant uses the latest technology, with facilities to enable the fast processing on thousands of cups, over 100,000 in 24 hours!


Our machinery makes the most efficient use of water and recycling heat energy – with a low carbon footprint.

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It’s important that the ethos of reducing environmental impact applies to the processes required to clean and return our reusable cups. Working with our suppliers we have ensured our wash chemicals contain no bleaches or chlorine, this means no harmful chemicals go into the drainage system.