Multi-Flow Dispense Unit (MDU)

UK manufactured, using the Base-Flow metering technology.
• Reduce waste by 25% Increase sales 40%
• 6 Pints in 12 to 14 seconds
• 2 different brands served at once
• No meters, No motors, No transformers
• Less technical support required.
• No Expensive Annual calibration tests.
• No oversized glasses saving 10% a serve

Using our Base-Flow technology, all that is required is a free-flow line and one of our E.K.D fobs.
• The Unit can be, Top Pressure or free-flow pump assisted.
• The Unit measures the drink the same as the base-Flow unit.
• Set memory size using the instructions. Each valve has the ability to Stop-Start & Top Up.
• Pint or Half Pint, simply select the size and push the handle to serve.
• Lifting the handle at any point will stop the serve, to restart just lower the handle.

• The unit has been designed to be functional as well as simple to use at the same time.
• The top of the cup platform is a bowl that sits under a stainless steel tray. This allows any
spills to simply go down the waste drain and away from the unit.
• Additional plastic 6 pint cup trays are available.
• Soft Close to help manage the lowering of the cup platform. This reduces the risk of spills and fast drops.
• Full Stainless Steel construction to give years of use.

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