Renting cups is a cost effective way of using reusable cups and not having to worry about washing or storing them after the event.

This is how it works...

  • Choose the number of cups you want for your event, these can be either pints or half or both.
  • The price is fixed at 11 cents per cup.
  • We take a deposit of 33 cents on top of the 11 cents charge when you place your order.
  • We deliver the cups in secure tote boxes clean and ready to use.
  • You simply let us know when the event has finished and we arrange the collection.
  • You confirm the number of cups returning, any not returned we simply retain the deposit.
  • For every cup returned we make a payment of the 33 cents deposit back to you so you will only pay the 10 cents for each cup you ordered.
  • Delivery and collection will be quoted as part of your order.

Simply complete our form below with your details and we will be happy to help, Or call +353 1 401 0138 for more details.

All our cups are ground back and made into granules ready for making into new products once they have come to the end of their life cycle. 100% guaranteed....

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