Cool room and chiller unit

Designed to create a cold environment when space is an optimum. Using eco efficient refrigeration, plus easy install and management – our units are an ideal solution.

Walk in cool room with cooling unit

  • Self assembly system – less than 2 hours construction
  • Delivered flat packed
  • Ready to go cold storage
  • Supplied with floor for ease of install
  • Walk in storage, small footprint
  • Energy efficient with low running cost
  • 80mm HCFC free high density insulation
  • Multi-functional with long service life
  • Embossed flooring surface

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Compact modular design

Temperature range 0 to plus 8ºC


Width 1800mm • Height 1800mm • Depth 2100mm

Chiller unit

  • Highly efficient
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Cooling agent R452A
  • Negative and positive options
  • Climate control function
  • Cold room capacity up to 9m³

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Temperature range 4.7-6.5ºC


Width 490mm • Height 807mm • Depth 704mm