Multi-Flow Dispense Unit (MDU) from BTI

BTI are pleased to confirm the launch of the new Multi-Flow Dispense Unit (MDU). The UK manufactured unit can pour 6 pints in less than 15 seconds using the Base-Flow metering technology. Not only can it dispense six pints simultaneously it can also dispense two different brands at the same time.

Using our Base-Flow technology, all that is required is a free-flow line and one of our E.K.D fobs.

  • The Unit measures the drink the same as the Base-Flow unit.
  • Each valve can be utilised for “Stop-Start” & “Top Up”.
  • Pint or Half Pint, simply select the size and push the handle to serve.
  • Lifting the handle at any point will stop the serve, to restart just lower the handle.

Please visit the Event Rental section of the website for more information and a short video. Contact our Sales office for pricing.